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Automatic Chamber Filter press

Automatic Chamber Filter press

An automatic filter press has the same concept as the manual filter, except that the whole process is fully automatic. It consists of Pullback cylinder, power pack, PLC, Plate Shifter & Pneumatic valves.

In Fully Automatic Filter Presses Initial filtration process takes place with the push of a button. Operator initiates filtration. Slurry is pumped into all chambers and cakes are formed as filtrate begins to flow. The end of filtration phase is automated by flow meter which is located on filtrate discharge pipe. The flow meter indicates the minimum flow rate of filtrate which is strictly related to the end of a cycle, the opening of filter press and the discharging phase. A PLC controls the phases and cycle times for all the filter press functions including operation of the ancillary equipment.

Standard Size of Filter Press :

  • 460 MM X 460 MM
  • 600 MM X 600 MM
  • 760 MM X 760 MM
  • 800 MM X 800 MM
  • 900 MM X 900 MM
  • 1000 MM X 1000 MM
  • 1200 MM X 1200 MM
  • 1500 MM X 1500 MM
  • 1500 MM X 2000 MM
  • 2000 MM X 2000 MM

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